** Our pricing per item is not listed as our delivery area spans several states and some deliveries require more cost than others because of that distance. In addition, changing gas prices and product season/availability can also effect pricing. Give us a call at (775)980-5849 or email us at wcseafoodandmeats@yahoo.com anytime to get pricing for your area, set up a showing, or place an order.**

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Bulk Order Specials

** Package 1 **                        $1,488

(1) 6 pack USDA prime beef case

(1) 15 lbs. of Shellfish OR Fish Options

(1) 10 lbs. chicken breast

(1) 5 lbs. bacon

(1) Brand NEW 5.0 OR 5.1 cubic foot chest freezer

** Package 2 **                           $ 2,199

(1) 6 pack USDA prime beef case

(1) 5 pack USDA prime beef case

(1) 15 lbs. of your choice Shellfish Options

(1) 20 lbs. of your choice wild caught Fish Options

(1) 20 lbs.  chicken breast, wings, and tenders

(10) lbs. of bacon

(10) lbs. of baby back ribs

(1) Brand NEW 6.9 or 7.2 cubic foot chest freezer