About Us

     This all started from a desire to bring exceptional food to the everyday family. As a mother with three children I spent a lot of time shopping for food. It would take up my whole day between driving to the store, finding a parking spot, getting through the line; only to have to drive back home and put it all away. It was exhausting! Far too often what was on the store shelves was not something I wanted to feed my family. Between the open refrigeration and everyone handling the different packages, the protein options were far from appetizing.  After doing some research I discovered most supermarket meats are much older than we think. The meats are pumped with dyes and C02 to maintain a bright red color and deceive any aging in the meat, beef is the worst. Some stores go to great lengths to sell their out dated meats. The meat department grinds fresher steak and mixes it with older ground beef to make it look appealing. Hence why we have all bought hamburger that looked fine but just did not smell right. The store's department simply marinates the older meat to disguise the bad smell and then actually charge more for it when it goes back on their shelf. This to me was just not acceptable.

     So out of frustration came the creation of World Class Seafood and Meats. We save you the time, drive, and frustration by bringing the food to you! Our salesmen are friendly and knowledgeable and far from pushy, just check out our Facebook reviews. Everything is portioned and sealed so you can buy bulk without wasting food! Our beef is USDA inspected prime that comes from a ranch in Missouri where the climate permits for heavier feeding to produce the increased fat content you get from prime beef! The ground beef is steak burger ground from prime steak that did not make the weight requirement. It is higher in fat content due to being prime beef but the flavor is unlike any store bought hamburger. It is great for chili, tacos, pasta, and much more. Our chicken is hormone and antibiotic free. Our seafood is delivered weekly and is broken down to size and flash froze to ensure freshness and taste. Our selection is always changing as we aim to both provide quality with affordability. Want something for that special occasion or your summer BBQ? Just let us know and we will bring it to your door.